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Shri Shalig Ram Jain School has always had an excellent reputation in the 20 years since it was opened in 2002


We follows the curriculum prescribed by PSEB, Mohali and English is the medium of instruction.

House System

The school from VI class onwards has been grouped into four houses i.e.
RED House | BLUE House | GREEN House | YELLOW House.


It is important that all children arrive on time for the beginning at the School day.


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    A word for students

    The school lays an exceptional emphasis on the maintenance of disipline.

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    Shri Shalig Ram Jain Public Sen. Sec. School

    List of Governing Body
    Sr no Name Designation View Message
    1. Sh. Anup Jain Chairman View
    2. Sh. Kuldeep Oswal President View
    3. Sh. Sumti Prakash Jain Vice President View
    4. Sh. Pushap Jain Secretary View
    5. Vishal Jain Joint Secretary View
    6. Sh. Ashok Kumar Jain Manager View
    7. Sh. Shivam Singla Finance View
    8. Sh. Sanjay Jain Member View
    9. Sh. Rajan Jain Member View
    10. Sh. Suresh Kumar Jain Member View
    School Timing

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    Two terminal examination in the month of Sept..

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    Promotion to the next higher class is granted on the basis of...

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    In order to review the child's progress at the school and behavior at home...

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    of fees

    Fees are payable in advance. All charges are paid online...

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    Leave Rules

    Leave of absence is granted only on written application signed by parents...

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