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A word for students

Dear Students The school lays an exceptional emphasis on the maintenance of discipline. Through discipline we want to mould the students into fine and disciplined citizens of motherland. You are advised to make it a habit to lead a life of discipline in the institution and at home.

• You should be courteous in your dealing with others. Use dignified language while talking to others.

• Do attend the classes regularly and be punctual.

• Do not indulge in any such action that damages your image or reputation of the school.

• Your movement from class rooms should be orderly and disciplined. • Bringing the mobile phones, or any other electrical gadgets etc. is strictly prohibited.

• The school authorities reserve the right to compel your parents to withdraw you on any of the following grounds.

  1.  Irregular attendance
  2. Unsatisfactory academic progress
  3. Immorality
  4.  Non Payment of Fee
  5.  Bad conduct
  6.  Use of Drugs/Intoxicants

• You should not indulge in any collection for any purpose whatever and no meeting, demonstration or picnic is to be held without the permission of the Principal.

• You should keep the school neat and tidy, so that visitors feel welcomed and you feel proud of. It means putting all the litter in bins, keeping walls and furniture clean and undamaged and protecting all displays.

• You should always be dressed smartly and properly in your School Uniform. It will give you an extra whiff of confidence.

• You shall be eligible for promotion if you put in an attendance of at least 75% of the total number of working days besides satisfactory academic performance.

• You must remember that the school’s reputation depends on the way you behave.