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Admission and fees

Here are the some rules and regulations are applicable to all student’s regarding fees payment. We made online portal to pay fee online.

1. Fees are payable in advance. All charges are paid ONLINE.

2 Fees for the whole academic year will be charged even if a child is admitted in the middle of the term.

3. payment of Fees upto 15th of the month. Fine Rs. 10/- from 16th onwards per day. The above dates are to be strictly observed. If the fee is not paid by the due dates mentioned above, a late fee fine of Rs. 10/- shall be charged upto 25th of that month & Rs. 50/-thereafter upto the last working day of the month. If fee is not paid by the last day of that month the student’s name will automatically be struck off the rolls. Re-admission if granted shall be on payment of Rs. 500/- apart from late fee fine of Rs. 50/-and other charges.

Note : Parents/Guardians can, if they so desire deposit fees in advance for 6 or 12 months in consultation with the Principal.