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Leave rules

1. Leave of absence is granted only on a written application signed by Parents/Guardians. A student absenting himself/herself from the first roll call shall pay a fine of Rs. 5/- and those who absent from school for the whole day will pay an absence fine of Rs. 10/-

2. Application for leave on Medical grounds must be supported by a qualified doctor.

3. No child is permitted to leave the school premises without the Principal’s permission for which a written request from parents is needed.

4. The name of the student, who remains absent without leave for ten consecutive days, will be struck off. Re-admission, if granted, shall be on payment of Re-admission fee of Rs. 1000/-

5. All students must attend the school on the day the school reopens after long vacation.

6. Special fine will be imposed if a student:

  • (i) Misbehaves in the class.
  • (ii) Comes to school without proper the school. uniform.
  • (iii) Uses unfair means in an examination.
  • (iv) Violates the discipline of.
  • (v) Damages school property.